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These pages were designed and executed with the goal of complying with all accessibility requirements set forth in WCAG 1.0 guidelines contemplated under WAI-W3C international standards.

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Attention: Accessibility and compliance with these specifications is not guaranteed for any external link. SpA has made its site,, compliant with 22 criteria required to be deemed an accessible site pursuant to Annex A of the 8 July 2005 Italian Ministerial Decree.

To that end, it has identified the Asphi Foundation – a non-profit organisation enrolled in the Association of CNIPA auditors – and tasked such association with auditing the site’s compliance with these requirements.


The inspection was conducted using the following browsers:

BrowserVersionOperating System
Microsoft Internet Explorer11.0.9600.17501Windows 7 Professional SP1
Microsoft Internet Explorer9.0.8080.16413Windows 7 Professional SP1
Mozilla Firefox34.0Windows 7 Professional SP1, Windows XP ITA SP3
Mozilla Firefox3.6.3Windows XP ITA SP3
Mozilla Firefox2.0.0.3Xubuntu 7.04
Google Chrome39.0.2171.95Windows 7 Professional SP1
Opera9.10Windows XP ITA SP2
Konqueror3.5.6Xubuntu 7.04
Safari3.0.2 (522.13.1)Windows XP ITA SP2
Links2.1pre26Gentoo 2007.0

Inspection of the webpages using automated or semi-automated tools was conducted using the following applications

W3C Markup Validation Services1.31.3
W3C CSS Validation ServicesN/AInspection of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and (X)HTML documents containing style sheets.
CSE HTML Validator PRO8.03Allows for all pages on a website to be checked against its stated DTD and the WCAG 1.0
Colour Contrast Analyzer [Firefox Extension]0.96Allows for a webpage’s colour contrasts to be inspected.

Statement of compliance with 22 requirements to be submitted for a technical inspection in accordance with Article 2, paragraph 2, and Article 5, paragraph 2, of Italian Ministerial Decree 08/07/2005:

Requirement Compliant (Yes/No/N.A.)Annotazioni
1YesThe entire site has been created in XHTML 1.0 with Strict DTD (Document Type Definition).
2YesThe site was designed without the use of frames.
3YesEach non-text object has an equivalent text alternative.
4YesNone of the site’s functionality is channelled exclusively through particular colours.
5YesNo moving or flashing objects are in use.
6YesThe site was inspected to ensure conformity through an analysis via Colour Contrast Analyzer software.
7YesThe image maps used are only on the client side. For each area on the map an alternative link is available.
8N.A.Map images have not been used on the server side.
9YesThe data tables present all required attributes.
10YesThe data tables use the elements (markers) and the attributes set forth in the implemented DTD.
11YesThe presentation of contents is governed by style sheets. The pages can be read even if style sheets are not present.
12YesThe site’s structure was analysed to be adapted to various potential resolutions. Adjustable units of measurements have been used so that character size might be increased or decreased.
13N.A.Tables have not been used for purposes of page layout.
14YesThe forms utilised have all labels necessary to properly identify the input fields.
15YesWebpages may be used with programming objects disabled.
16YesAll events requiring particular input systems can be activated using keystrokes as well.
17YesAll functionality channelled through programming objects may be used with programming objects disabled.
18N.A.There are no video clips or multimedia content.
19YesAll connections on the site have alternative texts available to make their destination clear. Mechanisms permitting menus to be bypassed to go directly to the page desired have been included
20N.A.There are no pages requiring the execution of actions within a certain timeframe.
21YesAll connections on the site allow for it to be navigated using the keyboard or systems other than a mouse.
22N.A.No alternative, accessible site was required.

Results of the application of audit methods suggested in paragraph 2 of Annex A of Italian Ministerial Decree 08/07/2005 to these webpages:

Control pointYes/No/N.A.Notes
A) Do webpage content and functions appear the same in various browsers?Yes 
B) Do page frames appear similar on all browsers meeting the technical requirements noted in System Requirement 1?Yes 
C) If image-loading is de-activated, are the site's content and functions still accessible?Yes 
D) If the sound is turned off, is the content of any audio file still accessible in a different format?N.A.The site does not have any audio / video content
E) If browser controls to set font size are used, are the page contents still accessible?Yes 
F) Can the pages be navigated, in an understandable fashion, using the keyboard alone?Yes 
G) Are the site's content and functions still accessible (whether actually or equivalently) when the style sheets, script/applet, and objects are deactivated?Yes 

H) Examining the webpages with a text-based browser:

  • Are content and functionality available (whether directly or as an equivalent) just as in the graphic browsers?
  • Do page contents maintain their overall meaning and semantic structure?

I) Are the differences in brightness and colour-contrast between the text and the page background sufficient based on algorithms suggested by W3C?Yes